SSIM4, CSSIM and CSSIM4 download page

SSIM4, CSSIM and CSSIM4 are modifications of full-reference SSIM image visual quality metric.
Description of SSIM4, CSSIM and CSSIM4 is given in following paper:

M. Ponomarenko, K. Egiazarian, V. Lukin, V. Abramova, "Structural Similarity Index with Predictability of Image Blocks", in Proceedings of International Conference MMET 2018, July 2-5, 2018, 4p.

ssim4.m (8 Kb) - Matlab source of SSIM4 metric.
cssim.m (7 Kb) - Matlab source of CSSIM metric.
cssim4.m (9 Kb) - Matlab source of CSSIM4 metric.

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Last changed: 2018-06-29.